I have finally graduated!

From the fortyish starters on my course, a total of two students including myself graduated first time round. I cannot really describe the problems I have sufferred on my course in any less than a 2000 word essay, One of the final blows was the lack of remarking on my PHP assignment, the tutor only marked work from the morning of the deadline and not the work done between 11am and 4pm. This is apparent as I had email notifications set up when users made transactions of the site I had designed. The Viva for my final project provided me with some major issues like a lack of DVD drive to show my final DVD for the film Mobius, as well as no Adobe Suite to show my project files and the work that had been produced.

With all this behind me I am really proud of my degree and what I have learned, and would like to thank my support network!

The graduation ceremony was played out in a typical Boltonesque fashion, with rain hurtling down as the congregation walked through town. The weekend was salvaged greatly by a trip to Blackpool, where much fun was had! The rides were much better and the queues much faster than Alton Towers, The sun came out to play as well!

Since I have been back home I have been keeping myself busy and enjoyed Jack Johnson in Hyde Park yesterday in some beautiful sunshine. Household chores have been my main occupation, the house has been left in bad shape with my dad on sick leave and mum constantly busy, the garden has been nurtured and hedges trimmed out the front. I thoroughly impressed myself with the amount we managed to take to the dump and we now have enough chopped wood for the whole of the winter!

Ive kicked back into weekday football and hope to get into my daily running routine, as soon as my ankle is up to it.

Finally set up broadband, now that AOL is no more, Loyal customers for over 10 years I thought they would have been a bit more helpful with ongoing problems. I can only speak highly of O2 broadband so far!

Updates soon!

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