Word or Excel unsaved files?

Lost any unsaved work using Word or Excel (through unexpected shutdown or application crash)? Do not panic!

Does your computer have your file still? Your computer may have saved the files temporarily for you!


How to check;

Start/Windows button (bottom left) > Select “Run” (Shortcut: Windows button + R) > type “%appdata%” > Select “Ok” (this directly opens your users “appdata” folder, which can be hidden from view by default when browsing through your folders).

You can also manually open a Windows Explorer window (Folder browser) and navigate manually to the folders listed below.


Navigate to the following directories to check for unsaved files (I have listed 3 folders as there use is dependent on Office version);


Note: Directories may vary if you are are using Windows XP.






Ensure your change “USERNAME” to the relevant folder name (normally your first name followed by your second name with no spaces).


In these folders you may find some XLSB or ASD file(s).


These file types may not have a program associated with them (the file icon would be blank, like shown above), double click on the file and select “open with”, then select “Word” for “.ASD” files or “Excel” for “.XLSB” files (tick to remember this selection to save time in the future).


Make sure if you do want to keep a unsaved file to save it in your personal folders (desktop/my documents after you have opened the unsaved file from these temporary directories).


Additionally if you have Office 2013 or 2016 you can also do the following;


Open Word/Excel > File > Open > Select “Recover Unsaved Documents” at the bottom of the recent files list.

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