Last Few Weeks

I’ve nearly finished my final year at uni now, currently I am concentrating my efforts on a PHP site for my E-commerce assignment, I started off using textmate (mac) and E text editor (pc version) although I found it too hard to write all of the PHP myself, even using the wonder of google. I have struggled, to keep the website dynamic and working from one page to pull pages content from a SQL db at this early stage of my PHP experiences, although user login and registration is working!

I found dreamweaver cs3 to be a lot easier especially with the criteria such as articles, comments, shop front and check out beckoning, at first I avoided it because the tutorials I have done have at least shown me the basics and given me more ability to read PHP for at least debugging purposes. Since I started using DW I noticed the lack of server bindings after the login and registration processes, the developer toolkit for CS3 is a must have, it includes a lot more and Im hoping I can get a good grade but with a week left and small things not working because of the rest of my site not being created in dreamweaver functionality isn’t as easy as it should be!

On another note I have handed in my 9.5k dissertati0n and am very proud of the work that has come out of the project! I still have my Viva (presentation/questions) to go too, and have a small bit of work to do to my Mobius DVD in Adobe Encore, I have posted some artwork up on my deviant art profile

I really wanted to include After Effects animation on my DVD menus and I don’t know if I will manage that in time now, which disappoints me, but my exam revision must take priority as soon as the PHP assignment has been completed!

Wish me Luck
Cheers for reading

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