Google Chrome – popups!

Here is some quick information regarding pop ups on Google chrome (that you may find useful);


If your pop-up blocker is turned on (Chrome turns it on by default) and the site you’re on tries to send a pop-up, an icon that looks like a browser bar with a red ‘x’ will appear in your address bar (red arrow).



Clicking on the icon will allow you to;

  • always allow pop-ups from this site
  • continue blocking pop-ups, or
  • manage pop-up blocking


Alternatively here is how to stop pop ups being blocked if you don’t see the icon;



When you visit a website, you can easily adjust cookie and permissions settings related to that site in Google Chrome.


Pop-ups are blocked by default from appearing automatically and cluttering your screen

Click the icon to the left of the URL (address).


Change the option for popups under the permissions tab;


Then reload the page to apply permissions.


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