Crit: VMware

Well i been playing around on my girlfriends mac book for a while now using VMware to run Windows XP SP2, I have found VMware to run quite brilliantly, it took me a while to get used to the mac but simply dragging files across the platforms is so easy and loading XP in a virtual window could not be easier or quicker!

A small concern I have is when you plug in pen drives and USB devices, they will only run in the operating system you have open at the time this can be frustrating when you use external hard drives regularly. To get them to show up in the other OS you have to remove them change to that desktop and plug them in again!

There are a few keyboards shortcuts that conflict when using XP and some basic clipboard commands suffer, you just have to use the function button to cut copy and paste and not the CTRL button, which annoyed me somewhat, creature of habit!

I have just installed VMware Workstation for my own Windows Vista and hope to have Linux up and running shortly for some more testing! Watch out for feedback 🙂

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