APAC gets a visit from IT (that’s me)

I had the opportunity to recently work in our Hong Kong and Chinese (Shenzhen) offices, In fact I originally started writing this post from the hotel in Shenzhen! I am finishing it from the safety of my own home and non hotel Wi-Fi (thankfully)!

It been a great experience, I don’t often travel on my lonesome so this was jumping off the deep end again. My first ever travels being a similar distance flight to Asia on a backpacking holiday in my teens. Thankfully I have a pretty iron set stomach so I was happy to try the chicken feet, I’m not really sure I could have opted out anyway!

The flight went fast, I ended up sleeping mostly, the build up to the trip was intense and I had to tie up a lot of loose ends before even packing my personal belongings the night before my flight! I managed to acquire all equipment and hardware upgrades prior to my arrival and a decent plan of action helped the trip go smoothly.

I was held up during my tight schedule by an unexplained power cut to the building in Hong Kong, it actually caused delays for an entire afternoon and then again I lost a number of hours to the newly acquired Xerox printer that had not been pre-approved by IT at all, Strong words were had with accounts on my return who seemed to think by-passing the IT hardware procurement policy was acceptable.

I found the staff very friendly in the Hong Kong office and enjoyed a couple of late evenings walking around the city.

I managed to overhaul their server, approximately 10 computers and keep my inbox clear, whilst supporting the UK/USA offices remotely.

All in all a very positive trip, that has seen vast improvements to the IT infrastructure in APAC, staff can happily do their daily tasks in a much improved and efficient manner.

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